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Media, Press, and Op-Eds

Tracking the seasons of pandemic response in Seattle, High Country News, 2020

Scientist Selfie, Meet Joe Wartman, National Science Foundation, 2020

No Place to Flee, EOS, 2020 (feature writing by William Pollock and Joseph Wartman)

Simple Actions Can Help People Survive Landslides, EOS, 2020

How to Survive a Landslide, LifeHacker, 2020

Landslides, Top of the Mind with Julie Rose, 2021

Simple human actions can increase the chance of surviving a landslide, News Medical, 2020

Get on up: In a landslide, it might save your life, KUOW NPR, 2020

Simple actions can help people survive landslides, UW analysis shows, UW News, 2020

A Landslide Victory, UW News, 2020

A new laser-toting disaster lab aims to save lives by saving data, Fast Company, 2019

Technology to improve rockfall analysis on cliffs could save money, lives, UW News, 2017

Oso mudslide study authors win top geological prize, The Herald, 2016

UW will host global center for disaster reconnaissance, research, Seattle Times, 2016

Two paths after the Oso landslide, In the News, U.S. Congresswoman Susan DelBene, 2016

How to make landslides less deadly, New York Times, 2016 (Op-Ed by David Montgomery and Joseph Wartman)

What we’ve learned from the deadly Oso, Washington landslide two years on, The Conversation, 2014 (essay by Joseph Wartman)

How to avert the next Oso landslide disaster, Seattle Times, 2014, (op-ed by Joseph Wartman)

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