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Below are highlights from select recent papers, along with links to supporting data. A complete list of professional papers is available on Google Scholar.

East Palu Valley flowslides induced by the 2018 MW 7.5 Palu-Donggala earthquake

Mason et al. (2021) Geomorphology,

Key finding: Soil liquefaction initiated flowsliding following the 2018 Palu-Donggala Earthquake; an unlined canal contributed to flowsliding by raising the ground water table.

Open data: Data in Brief


Press: NW News Network

DJI_0484 copy.JPG

 Drone Image above Jono Oge Flowslide in Indonesia: J. Wartman

Human vulnerability to landslides


Pollock, W., and Wartman, J. (2020) GeoHealth,

Key finding: Human behavior is the primary driver of mortality in landslide events.

Open data:

Press: EOSKUOW public radio,

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 6.13.43 PM.png

 Palu flowslide, Indonesia, J. Wartman

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